What is Marketing 3.0?

How Relevant is Your Marketing?

1900’s Industrial Revolution prompted: Marketing 1.0, the Product-Centric era

1990’s Information Technology prompted: Marketing 2.0, the Customer-Centric era

Today in an age of highly aware customers… Marketing 3.0, the Human-Centric era

The Human-Centric Era

The Bottom Line?

• Brands no longer control everything the customer sees
• Consumers no longer look at just a product, but the brand as a whole
• People buy from people they know and trust

Got Personality?

You must dig deep to find the essence of your brand, and to identify your brand personality. As the owner of your business brand you need to understand your audience by getting to know your customers, and sharing your passion and knowledge. Starting a conversation will encourage feedback, good or bad, and will give you insight into what people are saying about you.

Regular communication and openness will build a community of followers, ambassadors, and loyal customers. In turn, your followers will help spread the word. Funny that is what social media is all about!

Marketing 3.0 engages your audience on a new level. Marketing 3.0 requires a sense of humor, an ability to handle criticism and openness. Sound tough? It is.

If you are not a people person and don’t like starting conversations you should maybe stay away from engaging on a personal level, but you can hire someone to help, just make sure they understand your rules for engagement.